Apple Shape Body: Dressing The Apple Shaped Ladies

Apple Shape BodyLet’s look at the apple body shape.  This is one of the most challenging body shapes to find plus size clothing that fits.  However, you also have a fairly easy body shape to camouflage.  If you are not sure if your body shape is an apple, think about the following, and you will have pretty good idea if this is your body shape.

Do you have a full bust and wide back?

Are your arms slim?  You may also have wide shoulders.

Do you have smaller hips and backside?

And the big question – do you gain weight mostly in your midsection?

 If your answers are yes, then you have a body that fits the apple shape.  As an apple, you are larger through the middle section of your body.  This is easy to camouflage with tunics that glide over your middle and take the attention away from the widest part of your plus figure.  Also, an empire waist works well to draw attention away from your mid-section and directs attention more towards your top half.  A top with a large scoop or square neckline will draw the eye up towards your pretty face.  Add a pretty necklace or narrow scarf, and you have a great accent to complete the look.  Tops with patterns are a great camouflage; and ruffle sleeves will show off your slender arms.  Make sure that the plus size tops and tunics you choose are a little longer and reach below your waist to eliminate the muffin top.  Shirts that reach the middle of your hips are a perfect choice for your apple shaped body, as they will hide your waist and make your top half look longer. 

 Soft fabrics are a good choice, and will hide your shape better than the more clingy fabrics. Layers work well for your body.  A light or chiffon blouse over a lightweight tank top hides your middle and works as a great camouflage.  A top with slits on the sides will give you more freedom to move and also help hide your middle.  Don’t wear large shirts or tops thinking they will make you look smaller, when in fact, they will make your plus figure look frumpy, and can be very unflattering.  Vertical stripes are an excellent way to make you look taller and thinner.  If you find that you like a particular shirt or top that is made of cotton, which can be a stiffer fabric, try to find one that is an a-line shape that won’t accentuate your apple shape body.

 Jackets also work well to hide your larger mid-section, as long as they follow the same line as your tops and do not cut into your waist.  Also, coats and jackets that cut in at the waist are not a good choice.  An excellent plus fashion choice is a swing coat that hits lower on your body shape.  This fashion choice will add balance to your apple shaped body.

 Balance your look with wide leg and boot cut pants and jeans, as they will balance your lower body with your top.  High-waisted styles work well for hiding your tummy and making you look pounds lighter.  Try a nice pair of capris to show off your nicely shaped legs and thin ankles.  A full silhouette skirt also gives a great balanced look.  Wear a tunic on top with an a-line skirt and you will look taller and thinner.  Stay away from miniskirts – they will make you look top heavy and out of proportion. 

 Shoes with a heel are perfect for showing off the long lines of your legs.  Try a pair of strappy sandals with your outfit, or chunky wedges that add height and balance to your body shape.  A pointed-toe dress shoe is also a great choice to show off your pretty legs, add height plus, they are very comfortable. 

Once you learn ways to enhance your beautiful apple body shape and realize there are many wonderful plus size fashion choices — the apple body is no longer a plus size body shape challenge.